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Image by Clay Banks

Getting Your Very Own Original

Art is how we express ourselves, it represents thoughts and feelings that can’t be put into words. Art is great, we love art - but pricing art can get tricky. Each piece requires a different level of skill, attention, detail and time. Each work of art is one of a kind. Some pieces may be big, some small, on a canvas. On a shoe? Or a purse? Maybe you want a cardboard cut-out or maybe you want a snowboard customized. Maybe you need a scrapbook done for your family reunion or wedding?

Whatever it may be, it can be done! While pieces vary based on size, estimated hours of labor, cost of materials and demand, I have attempted an estimated pricing scale below! This way, you can get a ballpark before filling out a request! Exact quotes will be provided to you on a 1:1 basis.

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