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This 16x20 painted canvas of Muhammad Ali was done as a tribute to, easily, history's most famous boxer. I painted this during Black History Month, taking 70 hours to complete. My favorite parts of this painting are the details in the shorts and the crowd behind Ali. I incorporated some of Ali's most famous quotes in the background, and painted "Clay" on the gloves to represent his original name, and pay homage to the importance of his name-change and story.


If you didn't know, Ali's original name was "Cassius Clay" after his father, a 19th century abolitionist. However, "Cassius Clay" was also a slave-trade name. When Ali tried to join the Nation of Islam in 1961, they refused him. Once he became the heavyweight champion, they changed their position.

The nation of Islam required all members to change any names they inherited from slave owners who had possessed their ancestors.

First, Ali changed his name to "Cassius X" and then finally, Muhammad Ali. Mohammad Ali was an important and well-respected, long-time activist, recognized as the "Champion of Freedom,” receiving the Liberty Medal.


By adding the gold butterfly-bee, I referenced Ali's famous quote, "float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. You can't hit what your eyes don't see." This quote was used to describe Ali's style in the ring. Ali danced around the ring gracefully (like a butterfly) before delivering a powerful sting (like a bee.)


In addition, I incorporated "Ali's still Greatest" in reference to his essay, "I am still the greatest." In this essay, Ali expresses his commitment in believing in himself. He shares how his parents taught him the importance of believing in himself and the pride and confidence they instilled in him.

Muhammad Ali 🥊 ORIGINAL

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