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Hey There

I am a self-taught artist from Connecticut and have been creating art for as long as I can remember. I have created a variety of custom paintings, from canvases to beer pong tables, to shoes and purses. In addition to my art, I also run various arts and crafts classes to cater to different groups and their hobbies. I love exploring new ideas and projects, and find joy in helping others find their creative side. I invite you to browse my website to see my work and learn more about my classes! ​

All About Me

As a self-taught artist, my work is inspired by my life and the world around me. I have been creating art since I was three years old, and I'm still learning and exploring new ways to express my creativity. I was initially inspired and learned about arts and crafts from my Grandma Helen. My grandmother opened the door to creativity for me and allowed me the freedom to experiment with different mediums and materials from that very early age. I experienced many hardships as a child and young adult and have always been able to rely on arts and crafts as an escape and comfort.


Currently, I am pursuing a career in nursing while also creating art. My art is a reflection of the beautiful and unique world we live in, and the people I have encountered in my life. My artwork comes from my experience in healthcare and my daily life, as well as from my connection with nature. I draw inspiration from the beauty of the world and the strength of the human spirit.

I am passionate about helping others find their creative outlet and express themselves through art. I have received a lot of recognition for my art from friends, teachers, and colleagues, and I am now looking to share my art with a wider audience. I hope to use my art to bring people together and to remind everyone that we all have a story to tell. Art by Adreana is a space where others can also find solace in their art and create something beautiful to share with the world.

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